General Guidelines


GAFCSC has a comprehensive IT facility in line with the vision of the College to embrace the e-learning environment. It currently provides the following services through these system environments and applications:

a. GAFCSC website. The GAFCSC website is a platform that informs the local and international community about the College. It gives a brief description of the College such as the History, Mission, Vision and Objectives of the College and introduces its audience to the various administrative staff, directing staff and civilian personnel of the College. It also provides you with the contact address such as telephone, mobile and fax numbers as well as box address and email address. To visit the GAFCSC website please go to .

b. Online Application/Registration System. The Online Application System enables prospective students submit their applications online through the College website. The students will be provided with an APPLICATION NUMBER and PIN NUMBER to enable them register online. To apply online Visit the GAFCSC website, , go to ADMISSIONS on the menu bar and Click on Online Registration (Public) or Online Registration (PSC/JSC) depending on the Course you have been nominated for. Potential Students of the Junior Staff Course should contact the GSOI on mail address for application and pin numbers to enable them complete the registration process

c. E-Library System. The GAFCSC e-library provides students, staff and other researchers with access to a wide range of On-line Books and Electronic resources and has an ultra-modern ICT facility (Photocopy & Printing machines).As part of the Commandant’s vision to move into a paperless environment, the Library will soon be equipped with an open source Integrated Library System (ILS) called KOHA which provides services such as electronic cataloguing, customizable search, circulation and borrower management. Visit the GAFCSC website, , go to PROGRAMMES on the menu bar and Click on LIBRARY to read more about the GAFCSC Library and its available electronic resources.

d. Open Class System. The Open Class System is a Google application for education which initiates a platform where students are entitled to accessing learning materials online. It uses an online learning management system which gives tremendous flexibility and provides students with on-demand access to Course materials and a place to submit assignments. Most importantly, it creates an environment where students and lecturers/Directing Staff can interact and work collaboratively. It is a place where students could share ideas by discussing online and also pose questions.

e. Mailing System. GAFCSC uses Microsoft Exchange server (Microsoft outlook) as its mailing system. Microsoft Outlook enables members of staff to send information and to communicate with each other. It is also used by students during exercises and thereby reducing the use of paper and facilitating easy communication and dissemination of information in the College.

g. Registry Management System FEDENA. GAFCSC is planning on acquiring a Registry Management System called FEDENA which will cater for students’ academic transcripts, records and information and the management of time-tables. It will also enable the College to conduct online examinations and Distance Learning programmes.

h. Other Services Rendered. The IT department also provides supports services to the College such as ICT training, PC, laptop and digital scanner repairs as well as provide support for all issues pertaining to ICT.

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